May 2015 Twitter Short Stories
From WILDsound Writing Festival

Watch the 25 Winners for the first ever 140 Character Short Story Festival.
 What is the "Good" in "Goodbye"? by W.T. Peterson  Walk in Reading by Navkirat Sodhi

 To Boldly Go by Jonny Kratzel  The Gentle Sunset by B.W. Shearer

 The Big One by Kevin Wilton  Surprise by Neha Malude

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 Stop Crying Please by Matthew Williams  Stamina by Lionel Walfish
 Ron by Ron Riekki  Priorities by Claudette J. Young

 My Life by PJ Gourley  Midnight Serenade by Bobbi Carducci  Lisa by Robert Fleet  Kicking the Habit by Jay Lyford

 Kevin The Loser by Nicole Nelson  Intrinsic Deeds by Jon Parker  Gratitude by Jon Bastian  Goodbye by Jason Daniels

 Gift Horse by Tina LaCount Myers  Far From Home by Jonathan Struhs  End by Serena Cairns  Cream by Keiren Knapp

 Beyond The Condiments by Edward Case  Be Free by Alex Decaneas  A New Home For You, Dear by Ida Ayu Lestari