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Director and Producer of Reinventing the Reel, Michael Gorlick

Reinventing the Reel is a documentary short that gives an overview of the Hollywood treatment of LGBT portrayals in film, how it has changed, and why is important to continue to change. This brief history is followed by an inside look into independent filmmakers in their process of breaking the chain of that negative history on a smaller scale (with the help of tools like crowd funding). They create films, in part, hoping that one day it will be more common in bigger Hollywood films to see more characters that happen to be gay rather than that be their reason for existing in the film's storyline.

According to the Contact Hypothesis theory, the more a viewer sees (interacts with) a minority in film, the less prejudice they will have for that group, which is why it is so important for these filmmakers to continue their plight, to build a sense of commonality between people of all backgrounds. The main filmmaker followed is Casper Andreas, director and producer of Kiss Me Kill Me, a murder mystery based around a group of gay characters in West Hollywood. The Underlying message of the film is that waiting for the bigger businesses of the world to make necessary changes (social and otherwise) is not the answer.

The proposed answer implied in this documentary is to make those changes and inspire others by participating in the infinite creative opportunities made possible when like-minded people get together to bring an idea to life themselves.

MOVIESREINVENTING THE REEL, 19min., Canada, Documentary
Short Film Showcase