ACTOR Title: Mirabella

Written by: Jason Melby

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Fantasy, Mystery

Logline: A small town mourns the loss of a local teen boy, Cameron, and his cousin, Mirabella, arrives in town. It doesn't take long for her to entwine herself in the lives Roger and Lucas, two friends who hold the secret to the truth to Cameron's disappearance.

Synopsis: One year after the disappearnce of Cameron, it is accepted that he is dead and as they town mourns his death, his cousin Mirabella arrives in town to help Cameron's mother. Mirabella is charming and beautiful and it doesn't take long for her to make friends at school. She begins dating Lucas, but Roger, his best friend, is inexplicably drawn to her. As Mirabella grows closer to the locals, the mystery of Cameron's disappearance deepens and it is clear that not all is as it seems.

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