Written by: Paul Cooke

Genre: History, Musical, Drama


LOGLINE: A journey through the London club scene in the 1980's

Paul Cooke was the founder member of the band Sade in 1982-3 and went onto create the songs and drums on the bands biggest hits to date, 'Smooth Operator' and 'Your Love is King'. Paul recorded the album 'Diamond Life' with the band in 1983 and the album went onto be the biggest selling album for a UK female singer ever...This is Paul's autobiography and story on how he founded and created the band and the music for one of the biggest female artists in UK history.. 'It is the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth about his time with the group in the 1980's'..The first part of the book documents the London and New York club scenes of the 1980's it focuses on the bands rise through this scene with its colourful characters, drug dealers and Svengali managers and media guru's to becoming signed to the record company CBS and recording and releasing its first music album in 1984. With BBC TOTP's shows documented and personal highlights and comments made by the drummer Paul Cooke. The book also features relative photographs of the band and also other memorabilia contained in the books content. A truly remarkable document that shows all concerned what it was like to be young and happening in the 1980's from a clubbers perspective.

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