ACTOR Title: Nest

Written by: Baitul Javid

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Drama

Logline: When an innocent Muslim girl falls for a rebellious boy from her school, she is manipulated into joining a cult.

Synopsis: (Based on true story and events of the screenwriter)

The Nest is based on a true story of Shia Muslim girl who, upon trying to rebel against the strict ways of her family, falls for a boy from her school and ends up being manipulated into joining an open-sexual cult.

The goal of this page is to find a producer, or production studio and bring this screenplay to life.

The Nest will represent both sides of the coin. The first side being the highly conservative ideas involved with traditional values and beliefs. The second side representing the highly liberal and "open minded" views that have grown to be accustomed in modern society.

Through Alma's story, you'll follow a story that brings forth a very black and white viewpoint on extremest religions, ideologies, and allow you to ponder the ideas in the grey area. Whether it is highly conservative or liberal. This story will also bring up ideas on sex. The hidden and forbidden views brought forth from, in Alma's case, the Muslim religion; as well as bringing forth the highly open-minded, modern, and 'live in the moment' do what thou whilst' ideologies brought forth from a post 60's, socially liberal society, (also has been called the 'porn generation') as well as the religions/cults that followed those ideas. This will pose as the duality of The Nest.

The Nest is a screenplay that was written to create a new dialogue based around not just sexuality as a whole, but also belief systems as a whole in the United States of America.

In a melting pot society, many young adults grow up with conflicting viewpoints. It can be the teenager that grew up in a strict religious household, struggling to break free from those stringent practices in the pursuit of something more open and free; or it can be the teenager that was raised in a liberal environment, struggling to maintain an open mind in a world where over-acceptance, and pursuit of a very acute agenda, is king. Alma's story will pose as a representation of both of these scenarios, and once again, expressing the duality of The Nest.

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