Written by: Marilia Lobao

Genre: Thriller


LOGLINE: An orphan girl discovers the secrets of a past that she no longer remembers.

Synopsis: Valentina tought that locking all her feelings and spending her childhood and girlhood in a military school would be enough for her to forget all she lived in the past but when her father dies, the girl is forced to live on her legal guardian's house, an old silent mansion, that will make she remember all she was trying to forget and erase.

As if her own past wasn't enough, he legal guardian, Philip, a mysterious man who's temporarily blind because of a disease, doesn't know that his beloved wife is dead and Valentina will find out that all his employees are together in a terrible plan pretending to be his wife (using her perfume, playing piano songs just like her and so on).

Valentina will discover all secrets and stop the employees plan before it was too late and Philip would be already dead.

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