ACTOR Title: O/L/D/: Vaginas

Written by: Lora-Ellen McKinney


Genre: Drama

Logline: Finding her mobility challenged by desert-dry vaginal walls, a beautiful, single, bi-racial, bi-cultural and bi-national classical pianist who looks much younger than her 50 years, must choose to acknowledge the signs that her body's age is catching up to her birth certificate and consider what this means for her relationships and self-acceptance.

Synopsis: It's a beautiful New York day everywhere except in Emma's stuck-together vagina. Emma Carter typically looks and feels half her 50 years. As the pilot episode begins, Emma's body revolts in an age-appropriate if unexpected way. A doctor and a vaginal physical therapist prescribe vaginal dildo exercises. In the cab ride on the way home, Emma examines the dildo. The cabbie hits a pothole, her newly purchased dildo lands in the cabbie's lap. Emma distracts herself by making lunch for a neighbor whom she learns survived the Japanese internment. Later, Emma attempts her Kegels; the dildo gets stuck just as her Havanese, Boo Radley, needs walking. She walks her dog in serious discomfort, arriving home to find that her ex-pat “boyfriend” has returned stateside to declare his love for her.

Emma is a bi-racial bi-national, award-winning classical music prodigy, who is composing a musical opus based on four American racist place names. This opus combines classical, pop, funk, R and B, blues, jazz and the forms of ethnic music appropriate to the chosen geographic locations.

Each episode of O/L/D/ has a new topic and naming convention of Show Name: Body Part or Topic considered important to adult women. The show's themes are aging, music and relationship. O/L/D/ is Mozart in the Jungle meets Sex in the City meets Blackish with smatterings of Golden Girls and Parenthood. O/L/D/ is a comedic TV drama series of twelve 60-minute episodes. These Old/Lady/Dramas explore the physical, psychological, social, political and professional challenges of middle-aged women.

"Fifty is the new Forty is the old Thirty-Something." This show's market is anyone who is getting older, with special appeal to women from 25 to 60. It also appeals to music lovers and social justice advocates. O/L/D/ dials in on the problems of aging, career and relationships. Balancing all three while trying to maintain the last, especially romantic relationships, has particular appeal to a broad spectrum of today's professional women and men. "Just when you think you have it all figured out," says Emma's father, "your aging body calls you a liar."

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