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Title: OPTIMUS 4

Written by: Ross G. Gaehring


Genre: Sci-Fi, Fantasy

Logline: In the year 2063, Earth is dying, beset by the geopolitical and ecological disasters of the Great Tribulation. Isolationist America is under the iron-fisted rule of General George Brinton Mclellan, a tyrannical century old right wing dictator, obsessed with 1970s pop music, Busby Berkeley musicals and Ronald Reagan.

Two Special Forces Troopers are assigned the unpleasant task of entering the "Dead City" of Detroit to retrieve a Christian radical and former war hero, Commander Rance Edwards. Descended from a famous African American, an aristocratic Wehrmacht General, a legendary Native American, a Jewish freedom fighter and European Royalty, Edwards became a member of the despised Christian sect after being wounded in the disastrous Euro-American War. A gifted fighter pilot, he is needed for the Dictator's last desperate gamble to save America; the invasion of another planet.

Rance soon finds himself tempted by a burning love for his former fiancee Christine St. James, newly married to another man. He's also about to face his greatest challenge... preparing his fellow fighter pilots for the imminent climactic battle in space.

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