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PABLO SUAREZ - See director BIO

Pablo Arturo Suarez was born in Quito in 1986 and graduated in film and Video in the San Francisco de Quito University in 2010.

Their first short, "Matthew" (2008) received the award for the best short film at the festival Amuestre fiction 2009, organized by the USFQ and participated in the official selection (2008) Chulpicine, latitude zero (2009), exhibition of Latin American cinema in the Museo del Barrio in New York (2009), Ibergente (2009), exhibition of cinema in New York and Miami (2010), and IV Latin-American University Film FestivalDog crazy, in Brazil (2010). Short "1972" (2010), with which he graduated at the USFQ, received the awards for best professional short film and best direction of photography at the seventh Festival of short films adrenaline Audiovisual, organized by the Universidad Santa Marķa de Guayaquil (2010) and was selected to participate in the New York International Latin Film Festival (2011).

In 2011, Paul held a master's degree in filmmaking at the school of cinema and audiovisuals (ESCAC), affiliated to the University of Barcelona, Spain, obtaining the award of completion in 35mm and distribution of scandal, with his latest short film "when it burst the morning" (2011). He currently directs commercial television and prepares his feature film.

Short Film from Equador

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