ACTOR Title: Paperclip

Written by: Marshall White

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Mystery, Sci-Fi, War

Logline: In the final months of WWII the United States deploys a team of operatives to race against allies and enemies alike to capture an influential, but mysterious, Nazi scientist.

Synopsis: After Private Daniel Conner is injured during the Battle of the Bulge in 1944 his commanding officer, Lieutenant Stevens, coax's him back into the fray on a secret mission behind enemy lines. On their way to locate and recover Dr. William Nile's, a Nazi scientist integral to the Germans "Wonderwuffen" secret weapons program, Conner has a strange vision of the targets location that ends up coming true.

After capturing Dr. Niles, Conner has another vision; a unknown U.S. Army Soldier guns down one of his squad mates, the hotblooded country boy Private Benjamin Riley. As LT. Stevens leads the squad deeper into enemy territory in search of precious technology, Major Erich Richter, leader of the Nazi research force does everything in his power to hide his countries secrets and recover his waning health from his countless experiments. When Conner and his team manage reach their new target, a weapon with enough power to change the outcome of the failing Nazi war effort, the ensuing chaos pits him against a familiar face. Conner is forced to question morality of securing possibly dangerous assets for their own countries use.

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