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PAULA CARLSON - 10 Questions

10 Questions from the April 2014 1st Chapter Novel Winner.

1. What is your NOVEL about?

It is the Irish myth of Cuchulain told in modern times during the 1998 Northern Ireland Peace Process through the eyes of three friends. It was Inspired by a screenplay I had started as an undergrad.

2. Why should your novel by published?

Because someone out there just might like it and that is reason enough for me.

3. How long have you been writing?

Fifteen years

4. What movie have you seen the most in your life?

Stand By Me

5. What artists would you love to work with?

Edward Burns as a writer / director. Aidan Gillen, David O'Hara.

6. How many stories/screenplays have you written?

About 10 all together over the years.

7. Ideally, where would you like to be in 5 years?

Writing and going to music festivals. That would be the perfect life.

8. Describe your process; do you have a set routine, method for writing?

I try to write every day, even it if isn't the main story I am working on. I may watch a film or listen to music that puts me into a certain mood for a story.

9. Apart from writing, what else are you passionate about?

Music, swimming, and running

10. What influenced you to enter the WILDsound Script Contest?

The opportunity to get feedback was what won me over to enter. Other contests may offer prizes, getting real feedback is priceless.

11. Any advice or tips you'd like to pass on to other writers?

Never give up! It took me fifteen years to learn that.