Paige K. Boudreau
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Boss bitch filmmaker and production triple-threat with a background in post-production.

Having started her career at a tender age, and graduating the youngest in her class at SAIT, in 2010, Alberta-based filmmaker, Paige K Boudreau made the move from editor to production coordinator and post supervisor at Jump Studios where she subsequently wrote and co-directed broadcast and commercial projects as well as her first professionally-made short film: SKYLINE. Moving over to Spotlight Productions, Paige show-ran 120 episodes of the Rogers/OMNI series Let's Talk English. In 2015 she had the opportunity to write the third season of FishCamp, an outdoor adventure series, story consult on the comedic pilot The Willmore Boys and co-produce an indie feature film, To The Mountain. 2016 found Paige moving solidly into the director's chair with the production of a collection of films, including the CSIF/Herland supported Mallory Memphis; the TELUS Storyhive funded Up In Smoke; a short art piece about urban decay titled Nostomania; and a micro-documentary entitled Grandma's House. In March of 2017 she was part of the WIDC Career Advancement Module coinciding with the Vancouver International Women's Film Festival. She continues to seek opportunities to meet new people, work on dynamic projects, and most of all: direct.

festival posterNOSTOMANIA, 2min, Canada, Experimental