ACTOR Title: Private Duddels

Written by: Thobias Dhaeyere

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller

Logline: A heedless 'James Bond' on a kill mission in Colombia. Because of his everlasting drinking and gambling problems, he is severely underestimated by friend and foe ...

Synopsis: Ex-private Fred Duddels is being reassigned on a risky kill mission. A Colombian drug lord is preparing a possible coup. Duddels knows Colombia very well because he was stationed there for years during his service. Everybody thinks he's not capable for the job because of his everlasting drinking and gambling problems, but that's just an asset. He is disrespectful, disinterested and always drunk, nothing like a good soldier. So it's easy for him to infiltrate. Duddels finds out that his female team member is a traitor, she works together with the drug lord's cousin. Duddels doesn't kill the drug lord, he forces him to flee to America and to rat out on all his associates.

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