Written by: Sushil Rauthan

Type: Novel

Genre: Drama, Political

Logline: It's a special occasion for the Anand family as the ashes of their great grand-mother, being came to India from Pakistan and finally to become flow with the great Ganges its first step to "Moksha". Politically it is considered as a creative step towards the friendship of these two arch-rivals who have fought four battles. This is made possible only by two Cambridge scholars, who have to submit the thesis on the possibility of political friendship between two arch-rivals. It is considered as their script-cum-thesis where they gathered the politicians, bureaucrats and many civilians, and made them to play the roles assigned by them. How did all this happen it's not of a sudden, while it is better to consider that the script of thesis. So how the ashes of granny did becomes the knot of the new chapter of friendship that made both governments inked PET (Personal-assets Exchange Treaty). It means that both the governments are agreed to exchange assets to its rightful owner of both the nations. Pakistan's prime minister is the chief guest of the republic day parade of India, thus enjoying 'the retreat' (the closing ceremony after second day of republic day).

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