ACTOR Title: Reunions

Written by: David Beshears

Type: Short Film

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Logline: Four elderly friends, withered and gray with age, get together at a lonely community hall after fifty years apart; something they do every fifty years....

Synopsis: They enter the small community hall one at a time; Mr. Borden, Miss Margaret, Old Mason, Mrs. Johansen. Having not seen each other for fifty years, they take time to get reacquainted, discuss the past decades over soup and coffee.

Then it is time. They reach around the table, they hold hands. Miss Margaret lays her head back, reaches down into her being, reaches deep into her soul, then reaches outward.

Together they roam the night; ethereal beings in the dark, searching, hunting, feeding... silvery specters, apparitions, flickering ghostly creatures drawing life from unsuspecting souls, taking days from one, years from another, all from some.

Comes the dawn, they return to their aging bodies. Their withered shells slowly take in the night's feeding, absorbing the life energy drawn from mortal beings who will never know what has been taken from them.

Four young friends spend a leisurely breakfast together, discuss their hopes and dreams for the future... the next fifty years. Until they meet again.

Adapted from a short story published in Necrology Magazine, Tales of the Macabre; appearing later in several collections (including Yesterday's Shadows by David R. Beshears).

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