ACTOR Title: Revenge On The High Seas

Written by: Robert Greely

Type: TV show

Genre: Adventure, History

Logline: 1853 Charleston S.C. Raped at 17, now 20, Gabrielle Ducett seeks revenge and enters a world of privateers, pirates, sea-battles, brothels, murder, treachery, constant danger and conflict, trying to survive until she finally faces her moment of truth.

Synopsis: 1853 Charleston, S.C. Raped by privateer Shawn Beaudry at night on beach-cove at 17, Gabrielle Ducett, now 20, seeks revenge. Goes to Molly's Bordello on docks to get dancing job, gives name of Lila Bennett, accosted by drunken seaman, saved by Shawn; recognizes him. Sensual verbal exchange. Unknown to her, her father Dan Ducett has just partnered with Shawn and mate Morgan to ship Dan's tobacco, cotton, etc. to Havana, Galveston and Veracruz. Dan invites Shawn to Gabrielle's "coming out ball". They clash again, Shawn leaves in disgust at her lies. She tries to meet him before he leaves for Veracruz, is accosted by 3 sailors; Shawn and Morgan save her again; Shawn won't believe her; leaves for Veracruz. The Sea Lion is attacked by notorious Black Ship; Shawn sinks it, badly wounded, almost dies, reaches Galveston, hospital, recovers, reaches Veracruz, visits old friend Angelica, high-class brothel owner; meets Pierre La Rush, French privateer, appears to hate Shawn for unknown reason. La Rush's prostitute, Catherine is brutally murdered that night; Shawn's cuff-link found by the body. Inspector Patrone knows Shawn did not do it, arrests him for own safety; jailers don't know, try to hang Shawn. Patrone saves him, escorts to Sea Lion, Shawn returns to Charleston. Morgan told Shawn Gabrielle loves him. Shawn plans to marry her, brings presents from Veracruz. Shawn gone for long time; Gabrielle meets Nathaniel, privateer, who falls in love with her; takes her to ball, sees her every day. Shawn, Morgan see Nate's ship, the Interlude, recall the 3 of them growing up together, like brothers, in Virginia. Shawn boards Interlude, sees Nate and Gabrielle dancing, nude, attacks Nate, severely injuring him; Nate might die. Morgan tells Shawn if Nate dies, they are no longer brothers. Morgan informs Ducett about Veracruz.. Shawn leaves for Havana; is attacked by the Raven, sister ship to the Black Ship, sinks it, with no losses; returns. Gabrielle, Morgan, 2 doctors attend Nate; he improves. Shawn reports to Dan; spars with Gabrielle. La Rush appears, plots to kill Shawn. Saves Gabrielle from runaway horse, tells lies about Shawn. La Rush takes local waitress to cove, strips, strangles her. Shawn, Gabrielle make up, ride horses; La Rush's men shoot, miss. Dan hosts costume ball; La Rush's men kidnap Gabrielle, Morgan, Shawn; take to Magnifique, dock in bay to rape and kill them. Wharf-rat tells Nate; he finds them, boards Magnifique, wants La Rush to help him steal gold and jewels, drugs bottles of brandy, La Rush offers to share Gabrielle with him; he shoots La Rush; Nate's crew kill rest of pirates; move 100 yards away, broadsides Magnifique, explodes. Gabrielle, Shawn meet for moment of truth. Nate sails away to heal.

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