Robert Vassie
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Robert has always been passionate about movies and began directing films of his own in 2002.

After undertaking a Film Production degree in Bournemouth, Robert moved to London in 2011 to start his career in film. He secured a job in the VFX company 'Peerless' where he worked his way up to the role of producer.

Over the years he has both helmed and collaborated on a large number of projects, including two feature films which he co-wrote and co-directed. Robert enjoys all aspects of filmmaking but has a particular love for acting, cinematography and editing.

He has recently completed a short London based thriller called 'Burnt,' which is both a gritty, modern exercise in tension and a throw back to the style of 90's films where snappy dialogue went hand in hand with drama and suspense.

Robert will be commencing work on another short film later this year - a crime thriller about a group of con artists, which he also plans to shoot in London.

festival posterBURNT, 13min., UK, Thriller/Crime