ACTOR Title: Robotopia

Written by: Chad Bowman

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Sci-Fi, Thriller

Logline: In the future a woman who isn't quite human teaches a man what humanity is all about.

Synopsis: Act 1 Summary

The story opens at a funeral for a wealthy robotics-tech entrepreneur. Family, friends, and admirers are gathered to pay their respects. The viewing is then ruthlessly interrupted by a group of renegade robotic terrorists led by Natus who shoots up the place leaving several bystanders dead before retreating.

Act 2 Summary

The narrative then follows LA Police Chief Barret as he tries to make sense of the attacks and the brutal agenda led by Natus. In his search for answers Barret runs into Richard and his companion Rachel who is herself a robot that poses as a human. Richard and Rachel have a complicated relationship that borders on a love that most of society would frown upon. It is from these strange and star crossed lovers that Barret receives a tip as to where Natus and his group may be hiding.

Act 3 Summary

NATUS continues his rampage, as Barret and a team of specialists attempt to track him down. Richard and Rachel continue to work as informants until Barret crosses the line by tricking Rachel into becoming bait for Natus in a failed sting operation. Outraged, Richard cuts off his cooperation with the police. Natus has a long memory however, and doesn't forget collaborators. Determined for revenge, he tracks them down right under the nose of the LAPD as all hell breaks loose.

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