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Artist/Musician/Filmmaker Ronnie Cramer has been active in the arts community for over thirty years. His paintings have been exhibited in galleries and other venues across the country, his music has achieved airplay on over 100 radio stations nationwide and his critically-acclaimed films have been screened at festivals around the world. He has also been featured as a guest lecturer on art and media at numerous museums and universities.

Cramer founded the musical group Alarming Trends and served and the bands' guitarist and primary songwriter. The Trends' musical history spans three decades; they played live gigs throughout Colorado and elsewhere during the 1980s, recorded several film scores during the 1990s, and in 2001 had a Number One song on

Cramer's solo musical works were also featured at and were played and/or downloaded over 500,000 times. Several of his songs have appeared on the charts (including the Number One spot on the Experimental/Post Rock chart) and have been included in a number of anthologies and compilations.

In addition to releasing numerous studio recordings, Cramer has appeared live at the top area venues, including the Mercury Cafe, Herman's Hideaway, Rock Island, Boulder's Blue Note, as well as performing shows at Mabuhay Gardens in San Francisco and at legendary New York clubs CBGB and The Bitter End. Ronnie has been invited to perform a set at the upcoming Interactive Media Forum at Miami University, an event that will also include performance artist Laurie Anderson.

Cramer directed a series of music videos for Alarming Trends that were shown regularly on KBDI's 'Teletunes' and were featured on similar programs across the U.S., including 'Ground Zero Video,' 'Music Link' and MTV's '120 Minutes.'

His first feature film, the crime drama Back Street Jane, was screened at the Angelika Film Center in New York City and was favorably compared to Stanley Kubrick's The Killing and John Huston's The Asphalt Jungle by Psychotronic Magazine. The Exploitation Journal praised the film in its pages and singled out the score (written by Cramer and performed by Alarming Trends) as 'excellent.'

Cramer's black comedy Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend became a cult classic and was cited as 'the best drive-in movie of the year' by film critic Joe Bob Briggs, who also called Cramer 'an inspired demento who's made some of the finest underground films of this century.' Cult Movies and Blue Ryder both called Even Hitler 'hilarious,' Adult Video News described it as 'inspired,' and a cover story in Westword termed the film 'vicious, subversive satire.'

Highway Amazon, Ronnie's first documentary film, won two Aurora Awards and was named Best Documentary - Experimental Genre at the New York International Independent Film Festival. It has been screened at festivals across the country and was one of ten films selected for the 2003 Colorado Film Biennial at the StarzCenter in Denver.

A longtime Harley-Davidson enthusiast, Cramer's Motorcycle Web Index has been a top Internet resource for bikers since going online in 1996. Ronnie was profiled in the premiere issue of Sturgis Rally News and has painted three covers for the motorcycle magazine Full Throttle.

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