ACTOR Title: Schizophrenia Disease

Written by: Vienda Kuntjoro

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Drama

Logline: Mostly schizophrenia diseased usually ends up with possession. My possession started when the first time I saw there were three men on the roof of my house. I saw one of them jumped down and he stood near me. Then, I saw him entering my body. Suddenly my consciously have disorder. I did not why that man came into my body. My heart and my mind started to reject his existing into my body. Then, I struggled to get rid of everything who forced inside my body.

They pushed to follow their will. I entered the bathroom then I fell one of them kick me and I felt I lost my consciousness and I fell down in the bathroom. Then when I woke up suddenly my tongue spoke the inappropriate words and I yelled to everybody. It happened many times whenever I entered my bathroom.

One of them did such an evil. On that day I started to fast, but it was still in the morning, that he made my trout sick and strangle. Then, I threw up and the force me to break my fast. I could stand what they did to me so I had to break my fast. I felt very sick at that time. Many times they hurt me.

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