ACTOR Title: Seaside

Written by: George Pacich

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Mystery, Suspense, Crime

Logline: When a cold-war era Soviet space capsule is found submerged in the local bay, a young Florida Sheriff's Deputy is unknowingly thrust into the forefront of a decades-old murder investigation.

Synopsis: SEASIDE is a murder mystery set in a small town located along the gulf coast of Florida.

Following the aquatic crash of a plane used in a drug smuggling operation, local law enforcement officials in Seaside begin the task of hoisting the wreckage from the water for the evidence to close their case. But when a second, mysterious object is also found submerged in the bay, it prompts EZ Saunders - the lead deputy in charge - to have it recovered, as well.

The object is found to be a Vostok Sphere, a two-passenger space capsule used by the Soviet Union in the 1960's, and has been held underwater for nearly four decades. Curious to what the sphere contains, it is ordered opened where an even greater mystery ensues as one of the cosmonauts is still inside - the victim of an apparent, long ago homicide.

Fascinated by this new development, EZ launches a fresh investigation into why the Sphere is in Seaside and who may have murdered one of its occupants all those years ago, never realizing his search for the truth will uncover long-buried secrets of the past never meant for discovery.

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