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Shachar Gal is an Israeli director and screenwriter. He studied sound and post production and later got his degree at communications from the IDC in Herzeliya.

In 2013 Shachar made his first short film - "Fassolya"; a 14 min comedy which tells the story of two young stoners from Tel Aviv with a very creative ways for dealing with life's little troubles.

His second short film, "Gadi's House" was released on 2014; a 7 min comedy about a young Israeli released soldier (Nadav) who's living with his parents. Nadav copes with drug related issues. The film follows him through a special rehab program which was forced on him by his parents.

In 2015 Shachar released his latest short film - "Black Balloon"; 11 min drama/horror film which won local academic awards for best short film, cinematography and editing.

These days, Shachar is busy producing a pilot episode for a crime TV series he wrote with his partner, Kit Taran.

festival posterBLACK BALLOON

12min, Israel, Drama/Horror