ACTOR Title: Shipwreck on ShadowWorld

Written by: David Beshears

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Animation, Fantasy, Adventure, Family

Logline: Thirteen year old Jim survives a fiery crash landing in the desolate landscape of ShadowWorld, only to come face to face with bizarre aliens, mystifying cultures, and an unforgiving planet as he searches for rescue.

Synopsis: Thirteen year old Jim is one of a handful of passengers to escape aboard a small shuttle following a pirate attack on the space liner taking him to join his family him on a distant planet.

The shuttle crashes on the desert plains of ShadowWorld. On his journey in search of rescue, he discovers a labyrinth within a remote mountain peak rising up from the desolate plain. Here he befriends one of the native inhabitants of ShadowWorld. And here he comes face to face with Tunnel Maker, creator of the labyrinth.Out on the desert, Jim will meet the Desert Dwellers, the “All”, nomads traveling the plains in great wheeled transport ships.

He will make his way to the City of Shannyn, spaceport of ShadowWorld, frontier planet on the borders of the Outworlds; Shannyn, melting pot of many cultures, home to many alien species, forming its own distinctive culture. Shannyn, where he will face human profiteers who are very much at home in this frontier society.

Shipwreck on ShadowWorld is the first in a series of tales following the adventures of Jim, future prince of Frontier Worlds.

The screenplay was adapted from a popular novella, which has also been released in audiobook format. Visit author page or greybeard publishing for more info.

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