Written by: Edward Leech

Type: Feature Script

Genre: History, Thriller

Logline: After a failed rescue attempt, Simon's execution is imminent. He's delivered from his cell and escorted outside Jerusalem by an angel but is forced into hiding as Rome's most-wanted fugitive.


GOOD NEWS: A movement known as "the Way", grows rapidly across Judea under the leadership of apostles Simon Peter, James, and John.

BAD NEWS: A ruthless, despot, King Herod Agrippa plans to squash the movement by capturing and killing the leaders.

Agrippa captures James and kills him unmercifully. John and Simon Peter are next on his hit list. John eludes capture, but Simon's caught in Galilee by a squad of Roman soldiers. Following a swift and unjust prosecution in Jerusalem, he's sentenced to death during Passover week to appease Caiaphas, the Jewish High Priest.

HOOK: The church plans an ambush of the prison where Simon's held captive. A Centurion learns of the plot and quells it by calling in battle-hardened reinforcements.

Simon's execution is imminent. The church's only option is prayer.

TWIST: Simon's in chains in a dungeon, guarded by elite soldiers. An angel appears, shakes the prison, and delivers him. When outside the city walls of Jerusalem, he finally realizes it's not merely a dream.

HOOK: After Simon shares his miraculous escape with the church, Jesus suddenly appears, announces a blessing, then disappears, taking Simon with him to an undisclosed location.

FINAL HOOK/TWIST: A bounty is placed on Simon's head across the entire Roman Empire: Wanted - Dead or Alive. Will Simon evade capture or share James's demise?

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