ACTOR Title: Soldiers can love

Written by: Shahnam Sojoudizadeh

Type: Short Story

Genre: Drama, Family, War

Logline: Summary of scenario "soldiers can love"

The border soldier falls in love with a girl who was living on the border. he was making love under the barbed wires.

In his fantasies the ministering pole was similar to the bride chamber and there was a marriage ceremony at police station and the village dwellers beyond the boarder were playing Daf and singing.

The sergeant who was watching the soldier making out with his mistress from his binocular sees him out and wrecks all his hallucination.

Early in the morning the girl rushes to meet up the soldier, not knowing that he had been panished.

The treacherous sergeant was waiting for her. her father knows about her daughter's affair with the soldier, so takes advantage of this in order to transfer some war refugees.

The refuges are waiting for the girls love making, but the girl finds out about this conspiracy and cant decides about what she's doing. She's in two minds indeed.

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