ACTOR Title: Son of a Preacher Man

Written by: Brandon Edwards


Genre: Family, Drama

Logline: Grammy Award-winning music artist, Jamie Jackson, returns home to his father's small-town church as the new Music Director.

"Son of a Preacher Man" is a music driven drama written along the lines of the show Empire, but with a faith-based tone.

Jamie Jackson started singing in church at the age of three. He put together his first band at 16 and, after winning a talent contest, was offered a solo recording contract. Jamie did what he thought was best for his future and made the tough decision to leave his bandmates and his home to start a music career. While his father, the Bishop, and his mother, the former Music Pastor, were very supportive of their son, Jamie's transition from gospel to secular music received mixed feedback from others in his community. Nevertheless, Jamie swept the nations with eartwarming and chart-climbing hits that wooed audiences around the world.

Now twenty years later, Jamie is releasing a brand new album. Just as his manager finishes booking his tour dates, the devastating news reaches the musician that his beloved mother, and biggest fan, has just passed away. Jamie returns home for her funeral where he's greeted with mixed emotions and tough decisions.

Son of a Preacher Man delivers gripping storylines paralleled with dynamic characters and outstanding music that are sure to appeal to a very wide audience.

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