Title: SPEW

Written by: Jordan Downey & Mike Will Downey


Genre: Comedy/ Horror

Logline: An energy-drink-fueled swamp monster attacks a retirement trailer park in the Florida swamplands.

Synopsis: Twenty-two year old Alix arrives at her grandparents' rural Florida retirement village where she is tasked with bringing her long-absent deadbeat older brother Zach home. Unbeknownst to Alix and the inhabitants of Palace Breeze, a ravenous monster created by the illegal dumping of a neon orange energy drink called Spew is about to change everyone's plans as it begins to dine on elderly residents.

When Zach suddenly disappears in the night, Alix must band together with the community odd-balls including Curt, who has a hook for a hand, and Gonzo, a chain-smoking ten year old. A modern creature feature about age and the snacks we eat, "Spew" delivers hilarious tongue-in-cheek laughs and scares as a memorable new monster preys on the degenerative fears of today's youth.

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