Title: Stay Awhile

Written by: Anthony Vecchiarello

Genre: Horror, Crime

Type: Novel

Available on Amazon: amazon.com/Stay-Awhile

Logline: This is a Horror Novel about a criminal/thief who travels with his accomplice 30 miles off the GPS radar to steal from a Senator in a desolate neighborhood. During his home invasion, the family comes home earlier than expected which forces the thief to hide inside a closet underneath a staircase. Th criminal is delved into a nightmare when he witnesses what the seemingly normal middle class family is consuming for dinner... human remains.

What sets this story apart from others is the twist that the criminal is actually the protagonist. The cannibalistic family is only a front to what is really going on in this small Midwestern U.S. town called, 'Clean Village'. The town is engulfed by a satanic cult who believe that consuming flesh will grant them everlasting life and they so happen to be performing ceremonies on missing boys that will subsequently awaken a beast, a demon in the form of a Minotaur. The missing children are referenced in a side plot that the protagonist comes across in past documents and files. There are scientific abominations, experiments gone wrong that has put the morgue and facility of the town in a haunting atmosphere. That is where the cult preserves the "alive" human meat. The protagonist, Troy tries to escape with his life while discovering evidence of the town's past wrongdoings in the documents. He is also searching for his driver (friend) who goes missing during the home invasion. The novel gets dark and disturbing to a point where you question whether Troy is actually seeing things for what they really are or just hallucinating images in his head. The antagonist is the head priest of the cult congregation called, 'The Craven' who is rumored to be "immortal'.

This novel has an ending that will leave you with questions. Those questions won't be answered until the next installment in the series.


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