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STEVEN HIRST- See director BIO

Steven Hirst first got serious about film making back in 2005 when he entered a finalist film "Benny Unseen Hero" (Co-Directed by Darren Arbib) into Tropfest. For a few years he followed his passion and made branded video content for a series of brands such as Xbox, Tooheys, Nestle, NRMA, Samsung & Coke but then life & work took him in a different direction away from film. Over the last 3 yrs he has written a feature script and this year decided to respark his directing passion with "Busted".

Director's Statement

Busted aimed to have pathos cut-through an otherwise slapstick piece of content. The theme is that love will find away. But first and foremost the objective was to have a film that entertained from the first to last frame.

Short Film from Australia