Written by: Sara Landucci

Genre: Drama, Romance

Type: Feature Screenplay

Logline: Bestselling author takes a sudden dive into her past as her soulmate fades away in a hospital room.

Synopsis: A phone call meddles family life of established writer Nikki. She returns to her home town as former partner, Sam, named her unknowingly POA. Nikki's current journey twines with her previous home coming and the encounter with Sam.

A young Nikki fits right back into her softball team, meets friends Alex and Sara again, but steams up tension with Liz, the girl Sam left her for. Finding strength in a mesmerizing relationship, Nikki comes out to her parents, who later become casualties of a terrorist attack. Once Nikki offers to help Sam fulfilling her business plans, Sam unexpectedly pulls away and break up with her.

Present day Nikki struggles with opposite feelings towards Sam. Hopes for a final confrontation disappear as Sam's condition, after a car crash, irreversibly worsens. After honoring Sam's known will, Nikki is challenged by Liz, still in love and utterly devastated, who accuses her of being the reason of Sam's failure in life.

Against all odds, Liz's words hold some truth: Sam weaved a web of white lies to keep Nikki from discovering a painful truth. Even if the net is untangled now, a piece is still missing. A letter, that didn't reach Nikki in time, will unfold the final answer.

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