Written by: Donald Shaw

Type: Short Script

Genre: Drama

Logline: A group of nudists go toe to toe against a greedy landowner over access to an historic and isolated public beach.

Synopsis: There are actually two beach areas.

Conveniently between them is a lovely grove of trees, and shrubs, reeds, and also a small wetland estuary.

As it is, it forms a terrific natural barrier between the two beaches.

The South West Part is for the Clothed People and the North East Part is a quite historic 'Clothing Optional Area'.

It's been used as an unofficial nude beach for over 50 years. It has been left alone by the, 'Authorities' all this time. This N.E. Beach is bookended between the lake and a silt cliff rising steeply to about 100 feet above the beautiful beach.

Meanwhile, the NEW Wealthy Landowner above the cliff declares Ownership of the Public, 'nude and lewd beach', and wants the naturists banned from using it. He states it lowers the value of his real property way above the beach. He just doesn't understand that the beach really is owned by the Government.

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