ACTOR Title: The Aristoctratic Enslaver

Written by: O.C. Wells

Type: TV Series

Genre: History, Drama

Logline: Young aristocrat is sent to Haiti to save the family plantation but finds himself wrapped in a relationship with a black psychopathic slaver and his daughter from which only death can set him free.

Synopsis: Brilliant young military stragetist is sent to Haiti to save the families failing plantation. Upon arrival he finds himself in danger as a gang of desperadoes have taken taken over the plantation plus revolution is breaking out.

Chance favors him for by saving the life of the island's most notorious slaver, Libre, he gets the help he needs to survive & prosper. Unbeknown to Sean, Libre is arming & training slaves to take over the island so he might be king. Unfortunately the young Sean falls for Libre's sophisticated daughter. She and her familiy are the heads of the island's Voodoo community. Sean continues to get in over his head. He will be lucky to get away from her with his life. A series of events place Sean at the head of the rag tag army of colonistís where his military training enables them to overcome superior forces. The Aristocratic Enslaver is inspired by true historical events that took place during the Haitian Revolution.

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