ACTOR Title: The Boarder

Written by: Blair Gibson

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Thriller, Drama

Logline: The wealthy Clarke family live in Phoenix, Arizona at 1122 Brookside Lane where the sun's always shining and humidity is always in the air. When 30-year-old freelance photographer Zane Miller moves into the Clarke family pool house, he starts seducing the two women of the house; Cherie (the mother), and Jenna (the 20-year-old daughter).

Zane manages to have sex with both Cherie and her daughter Jenna. Cherie begins to question her love and loyalty to her husband Brad. Jenna falls deeper into love and obsession with Zane that she's willing to do anything he wants or asks. He begins to act like a puppet master as he begins to tear the Clarke family apart. But who will stop him?

Jenna and Cherie begin to turn on each other. One family member's so consumed with what's going on that they'll turn to murder to fix their problem. Tensions being to rise to the point where almost nobody is talking to one another except for the man who lives in the pool house in the backyard. He's the reason why the family gets torn apart and turn on each other and blame each other for their problems as he sits idly by and grins from ear-to-ear.

Everything eventually comes to the head but who'll be left standing? The bakery shop owner and mother Cherie? Her young and vivacious daughter Jenna? Will Brad take matters into his own hands to save his family? What about the 15-year-old son Dean who could end up being the wild card in all of this? Maybe he has an ace up his sleeve. Or will it be Zane, the man who wormed his way into the Clarke family only to tear it down person by person.

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