ACTOR Title: The Bow Street Runners

Written by: Travis Hodges


Genre: Sci-Fi, Crime, Thriller

Logline: During an alternate 1875 in a neo-Victorian city of steam powered machines, retro-futuristic gadgets, and outlandish criminals. For the right price, Rhys Brooks, and his three fellow runners, (bounty hunters), will perform dangerous deeds or hunt down and bring back the city's most deadly and bizarre villains.

Synopsis: The Bow Street Runners is a one hour, sci-fi procedural for network television or streaming service. The series takes place during an alternate history of 1875 in a neo-Victorian city of steam powered machines, retro-futuristic gadgets, and outlandish criminals.

They'll save the world, one paycheck at time.

It is night in Victoria. Rhys and Bobby, both Bow Street Runners, are on the trail of their latest quarry. Rhys impulsively changes their plan and only survives with the help of his partner.

Hours later, they sit in a room of other motley runners as the Magistrate announces an astonishing million pound reward for the capture and conviction of Mackie the Mutt and his terrifying band of bank robbers who disguise themselves in cartoon animal masks.

Back in their home, (a defunct steam train) Rhys and Bobby discuss which of the several bounties to pursue. Rhys wants the smaller, safer jobs. Bobby insists on tackling the higher bounty for Mackie to ease their considerable debts. Rhys finally agrees.

Rhys and Bobby follow leads underground to the sewers where they unexpectedly confront Metro Police and a pair of fellow runners, the hot-headed, gun-toting, Valentine and her engineering wunderkind Charlie. The bounty hunters flee in separate directions after Valentine injures an officer of the law due to her fiery temper.

Later that night, Bobby learns of a hidden passageway the thieves must have used to escape after their latest heist. Rhys and Bobby return to the sewers and again cross paths with Val and Charlie. This time Rhys's temper explodes. He triggers deadly robotic spiders that detonate explosives in the tunnels. Bobby and Charlie are both severely injured.

Rhys tends to Bobby who begs Rhys to also assist Val and Charlie. Reluctantly, Rhys brings the women back home. Bobby confronts Rhys about his resistance, bringing up their code of "you break it, you buy it" that requires them to amend damage they've done. Rhys is stoic.

The next day, Charlie softens Rhys's heart by fixing a forgotten computer. The newly functioning machine brings them closer than ever to finding Mackie and his gang. The four decide to officially join forces.

The team infiltrates a sumptuous gala, correctly predicting Mackie and his gang's arrival. Once there, Mackie begins orating to the captive crowd. Valentine loses her patience and opens fire, wounding Mackie and igniting a fast and furious battle. A crippled Mackie sends out a signal, killing the rest of his gang as a distraction. Mackiemakes a break for it, Rhys in hot pursuit. Their chase culminates in a rooftop showdown. Rhys's fighting skill proves too much for the weakened Mackie. Mackie tries to escape by jumping to another building, but falls to his death, rendering the bounty terms unmet.

Despite a rough start, Bobby gives Valentine and Charlie an invitation to continue their partnership. Valentine declines and she and Charlie leave....for now.

Meanwhile, on a departing train, a mysterious and injured women tells someone that they have finished their final task and soon the world would be their...

Mackie is alive and a woman.

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