ACTOR Title: The Bucketteers

Written by: Alan Power

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Comedy

Logline: Two sides of volunteers raising money for charity - one for Sick Children and the other for Hungry People - with buckets, calling themselves Bucketteers, engage in a turf war over a hotspot for donation money.

Synopsis: The two sides are comprised of two leaders named General Warman and Sharp Shootin' Suzy. They each have their own small army of Bucketteers but also a gang of trustworthy colleagues who help them engage in the turf war.However, one day a failed mission by both sides causes the ousting of the two leaders and their gang, forcing them to fight in the turf war by themselves but relationships are tested to the max, members leave and soon the leaders loose their power.When Sharp Shootin' Suzy manages to regain control, power and a level of democracy, everyone sides with her and they plan on taking over the turf leaving General Warman on his own but soon the Sick Children Bucketteers and the Hungry People Bucketteers join forces to become the Hungry Sick Children Bucketteers and they conquer the turf.General Warman gathers a team of Catholic Ushers to assist him in his final battle to win the over the turf by the Hungry Sick Children Bucketteers and Sharp Shootin' Suzy and her gang plough on as well to try and stop this takeover.But the takeover ends in failure, General Warman, Sharp Shootin' Suzy and her team, and the Catholic Ushers are barred from the charities and the land however, at the very end they all learn that the only way to get through something tough is to stick together.

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