Written by: Jason Anderson


Genre: Drama

Logline: When a world-renowned artist commits suicide, she leaves her estranged daughter, a successful businesswoman, former artist and dancer, the keys to a mysterious warehouse in Brooklyn that once housed one of the longest running controversial artist collectives on the east coast known as Utopia.

Synopsis: Pilot Overview (& a taste of the characters & their relationships): The pilot centers on Gene's funeral where Jade begins to learn about the side of her mother she never knew, the side of a free-spirited schizophrenic artist. Being the cold-hearted businesswoman she's become, Jade initially brushes off the news of her mother's death, but when she goes to the funeral the next day, crazy characters come out of the woodwork including Gene's best friend and kindred spirit Ashby Wollic; Ashby is the heart and soul of the old and new collective - he and Gene have seen each other at their worst and at their best creating what was an unbreakable brother-sister relationship.

Lilia Chung was another of Gene and Ashby's oldest friends; she is an expert weaver and although she has had her crazy days, she plays a motherly role to Gene and Ashby, one she begins to play towards Jade upon her mother's passing. Samara Cortez came into the collective a bit later on after drawing a deep physical and intellectual relationship with Gene that, beginning in the pilot, haunts her and her relationship with Jade as Jade begins to take notice of what was Gene's sexually promiscuous side.

The artistic integrity of Samara and Gene, respectively, shines through to Jade when she hears Samara speak of Gene's art - Jade, later on, becomes drawn to Samara - intellectually and sexually. Ashby, Lilia and Samara evoke Jade's curiosity in the warehouse and alternative family of controversial artists that inhabited it in addition to what forced Gene to shut it down a few years prior to her death - the claim that she gave into the pressure of a developer and sold it, making Jade's inheritance a surprise to the members of the original collective.

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