ACTOR Title: The Darkness Among Us

Written by: Martin Gomez

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Horror, Crime, Supernatural

Logline: To break a curse, you must first believe in its existence.

CHRIS REID has a tragic family history. Several generations of men all perished on the eve of their 30th birthdays. Many believe a curse is to blame. Chris, who works as a paranormal investigator, does not. Chris is pitched an idea - write an article debunking your family's curse, proving that you will survive your upcoming 30th birthday.

While researching the curse, Chris has a startling discovery - his father was not murdered, he committed suicide!

Like the men in his family before him, Chris's father had gone mad and took his own life. Chris himself is beginning to deal with symptoms of the madness-inducing curse, but his skeptical nature does not allow him to accept this reality. Until it happened...

Chris's girlfriend reveals that she is pregnant. It's a boy!

Chris must find a way to defeat the demonic entity, hell-bent on driving Chris to suicidal madness, and break the curse before the day of his 30th birthday. The life of his unborn son depends on it.

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