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Logline: In THE LAST SONG OF WILDERNESS, Samarendhra, an experienced and shrewd man, is a member of a secret society, The Bards. He must convince the young Shoresh becoming a bard and then train him to make him the twelfth member of this society, a group who live in caves on the desert. They are poets and mystical warriors that restore the traditions of the past uniting poetry and sacred. They write original texts and books that are distributed clandestinely.

After a period of observation, he goes to the Shoresh's house, but also guards of the Trinity arrive on site with the objective to perform an interrogation. It is a Mega Corporation that has control of everything that is produced on Earth : Knowledge, Technology and Cosmos; Food, Water and Health; Religion, Art and Culture. In the cultural area, Trinity produces films, plays and books of all genres through their computers. No writers. All literary works follow previous rules developed by computers.

The author's creation and especially the epic genre are strictly prohibited. Literature is considered very dangerous and harmful.

No political. Trinity is the absolute power now. Three Leaders control the paths of mankind. All workers are under their yoke.

Samarendhra needs to help the lad before he becomes a prisoner or be killed ,trying to escape from The City, that is surrounded by water on all sides like an old medieval castle, despite being a city of the XXIII century.

There are many challenges in the dangerous streets and they need to overcome each of them. Shoresh has to go through many trials and tests of survival, exceeding his own limits. If he does not learn quickly, he will not to become a Bard. And If Samarendhra fails, the existence of the secret society may be compromised.

They finally arrive at the desert, an inhospitable place that has not always pleasant surprises and no doubt, frightening.

Shoresh must find alone The Kolossos, a stone will give access to the World of the Ancients. A deep and difficult learning is required. This is the condition to be initiated. Great revelations and discoveries occur, hidden knowledge come to the fore. Their understanding about the world and life is completely transfor-med. Nothing is the same. Now he is a man who keeps secrets and developed skills. He has access to ancestral wisdom.

Trinity still looking for them relentlessly. Gradually will obtain more information, approaching, step by step, of hiding.

Deceiving their pursuers, he and Samarendhra go to the Caves.

A new stage of learning is essential. A new training is required. Shoresh still making important discoveries. Traditions and teachings from different times and places are conjugated, creating a comprehensive overview of the past, the craft of reading and the ability to perform predictions and prophecies. Gradually the other ten members are revealed. Besides warriors poets are Scribes, Librarians and Apprentices who work with purpose to collaborate with Bards. They are volunteers willing to sacrifice themselves.

The threat of Trinity continues and the danger is increasing. The Three Leaders decide to take extreme measures. A possibility of a total destruction nears. They believe it is necessary to exterminate The Bards.

The Library, containning all the work produced over time, has to be protected, removed to another site. If something goes wrong, the books may be destroyed. And the enemies do everything to achieve this goal.

Scribes, Librarians and Apprentices begin to transfer books to an even more sheltered spot underground Chamber.

All Bards are united in a terrible fight. Creativity and human capacity must be preserved. There is little chance of survival. No one is safe.

Samarendhra is the leader of Bards and Shoresh will discover if he is prepared to face the combat or not.

Swords against modern weapons. Magic against science.

An invasion can happen anytime.

A decisive battle will begin.

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