ACTOR Title: The Lease

Written by: William Smith


Genre: Comedy , Romance

Logline: A young, volatile couple end their engagement and accidentally move into new apartments right across the hall from each other.

Synopsis: Mike and Bridget had a whirlwind romance. Now, the romance is gone, the engagement is off and the aftermath will prove to be just as tumultuous when the former couple accidentally move into new apartments right across the hall from each other.

Was it fate? Was it coincidence? The only certain thing is that Mike and Bridget now find themselves locked into one-year leases, destined to encounter each other every morning when they leave and every evening when they come home. The tension promises to drive their best friends, the manager and all of the other tenants crazy as the once-lovers attempt to make each other's life a living hell, in hopes of driving the other out of their life forever. As they do so, they individually trace the steps of their failed relationship in an attempt to understand what lead to the night that saw the engagement ring come off of the finger.

The Lease begins with the end of Bridget and Mike's relationship, but this half-hour comedy series will follow the ticking time bomb of a twosome on what will eventually be their journey back to each other, with all sorts of ups and downs, renewed leases, moments of clarity and, of course, moments of insanity.

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