ACTOR Title: The Lost Laugh

Written by: Farukh Bashir

Type: Short Film

Genre: Biography, History

Logline: Abandoned in an orphanage at three years old, ran away from the abusive institution when he was five years old, because he was beaten up. He sold chewing gum and drinks from five years of age. He delivered milk and newspapers in addition to working as a labourer to survive, beginning at age eight. He later met a woman who ran the food cart outside of a restaurant, who gave him the name "Umang". "Umang" did not have a name prior to their encounter lived on the streets alone for 10 years.

He used to sleep on stairs or a public toilet. He take care himself from the age of 5. The 22-year-old learned how to sing by teaching himself. He sing because he enjoy it, he like singing because it was the first thing he liked after living that dayfly-like life. The food cart girl forced him to take participation in one of the biggest musical reality show. Where he not only perform but also stands 2nd. He is now perform as a classical vocalist and people loved him because of his "Never to give up" spirit.

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