ACTOR Title: The Madness Of Ethan Donaldson

Written by: James Banner

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Sci-Fi, Mystery

Logline: Feeling the overwhelming weight of regret; a Priest finds himself seeking assistance from a Psychic to discover the mysteries locked within a young man's subconscious. As they embark on this journey into the abyss, they will be confronted by their own darkest sins.

Synopsis: As a young boy, Ethan Donaldson witnessed the horrific and brutal murder of his entire family at the hands of his father. Scaring him both mentally and emotionally, Ethan finds refuge in his own mind turning him into a catatonic for more than ten years. Haunted by his failure to save the young boy, Father Gabriel, a long time friend of the family, tries desperately in vain to make contact with the mentally ill. He believes that Ethan can still be saved from this mental prison. Reluctantly coming to the realization that his faith alone is not enough to free the young man, Father Gabriel seeks for assistance.

Through fate or by pure chance, the priest comes in contact with Patricia, a world renowned physic, who has the ability to travel into the minds and thoughts of both the living and the dead. Such a gift has gained her much fame and notoriety but at the expense of her relationship with her grown children. They want her to retire due to the dangerous nature of her profession, but Patricia feels that God has given her this gift to help others and that's exactly what she intends to do. Ignoring the plea from her loved ones, Patricia decides to help Father Gabriel to make contact with Ethan.

Through the gift of telepathy, she's dragged into the chaotic, unstable, and malevolent world of Ethan's subconscious. Patricia encounters horrific creatures that play psychological mind games with her. Barely making it back out, she realizes that she's way in over her head and tells Father Gabriel she could no longer assist him.

A couple of months would pass, and these horrific creatures are now in Patricia's mind haunting her dreams and forcing her to have ghastly visions. Having no one else to turn to, she seeks assistance from a long time friend and psychiatrist, Dr. Coulter. He reveals to Patricia that Ethan's darkness has been imprinted on her, and the only way to get rid these visions is by freeing Ethan from his mental hell. Dr. Coulter agrees to help Patricia just on the bases that he's able to have full rights on the story so he could write a book. Patricia agrees.

With the help of a machine designed by Dr. Coulter, he's able to connect Patricia's subconscious into Ethan's. Knowing that Ethan's doctor wouldn't approve of such a procedure, they do this without proper authorization from the facility. While in the darkness of The Void, she encounters another group of ravenous creatures, called the Derelicts. After a long chase, she finds Ethan who reveals to her that he will not leave until she brings him Father Gabriel. Confused by this, Patricia leaves Ethan's subconscious.

After revealing what happened, Father Gabriel agrees to make the journey with Patricia. They both travel back into The Void where an intense psychological climatic battle wages between the Priest, the Physic, and Ethan's subconscious. They eventually find Ethan once again. It's revealed that Father Gabriel had an affair with Ethan's mother and Ethan is actually his son. In fear of being thrown out of the church for his sins, Father Gabriel distanced himself from the family and keeping this secret hidden. Being faced with his own demons, Father Gabriel decides not to leave with Ethan and Patricia back to the real world.

Back in the real world, Patricia and Dr. Coulter are arrested for their involvement with the operation. Now free from his hell, Ethan visits Father Gabriel who's being treated in the same location that held Ethan for ten years. It's revealed that Father Gabriel is now a catatonic himself. The priest's body is only an empty shell as his subconscious is still trapped within Ethan's mind.

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