Written by: Sal Nudo

Genre: Crime drama

Type: Novel

LOGLINE: A taut psychological drama, The Millionaire's Cross reveals how money infiltrates the senses in needling, covetous ways. Three men - two of them distant brothers are tempted by a lonely old man's offer of millions of dollars in cash to perform a dreadful deed. The mysterious old man, whose idea of quality time is hanging out at a deserted cemetery, asks Alex Neitzel to take up the infallible, supposedly justified, enterprise.

Scheming takes hold straightaway among the expectant millionaires. Alex, a simple copywriter with normal expectations in life suddenly finds himself thrust into a descending vortex of lies, paranoia, and heartlessness within himself that he never knew existed.

As his personal fortunes and luck rise and fall, Alex must sort out how he can have everything he desires without slipping up ... and without regret.


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