Written by: Solomon Osayande Jr.

Genre: Drama


LOGLINE: Based on true events, a cartel underling has his hands full after using a couple's trip to Rosarito as a guise to save his friends and lover from a collision course with the cartel

Synopsis: When an anonymous letter from a California prison arrives at the home of Salvatore Antonio Reyes Jr., his world as he knows it will be turned upside down. A scheduled couples' vacation to Rosarito will double as a guise for Salvatore, as he juggles following instructions from the cartel and maintaining the illusion of normalcy to his trip mates.

A clandestine call between the two characters closest to the cartel's flame, lights the spark and sets the thrilling tone of the feature length drama. The audience is kept in the dark of Sal's and the travel mates fate until the very end. What will the chilling unmarked letter and the party invite south of the border have in store for the four Americans?

Sal's collision course with the cartel and the ensuing collateral damage were inspired by the true events of four Americans that meet their ends at the un-flinching hands of the cartel. The true events scattered local and regional news coverage of the tale of four Americans which ends in innocent blood being shed.

The movie will touch on the violent nature of cartel life south of United States' International border, and just how swift and bloody cartel life and affiliations can be. This feature film is a fictitious adaptation of the real-life events of May 2009, using different characters for safety purposes; the story's parallels being the murders, and fiction being the events leading up to the slayings.

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