Title: The Rule of Death

Written by: Arun Joseph

Type: Feature Screenplay

Genre: Psychological thriller.

Logline: Texas is in search of an invincible serial killer who believes himself a prophet of god, and enforces his "Rule of Death" on innocent women as a sacrifice to god whom he believes are secret sinners, do Adam and Albert can track him down before he sticks again ???.

Short Abstract: One criminal profiler (detective) Adam, and Albert from the local police hunt a man, a serial killer who believes himself a prophet of god responsible to eliminate evil, a brilliant guy who is capable of leaving no evidence after killing, who uses bible verses to cover up his deeds, a beast living by his own rules, as he call it "the rule of death". The killer makes Adam realize how capable he is, even to influence his personal life. Now Adam and Albert come out of all these trapping him, without even realizing the true killer till the very last moment.

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