Title: THE SIN

Written by: Almajane Sirbu

Type: Feature Script

Genre: Drama

Logline: This screenplay is an adaptation from my novel, THE SIN, a love story in a midle of the storm,before the Second World War.

Synopsis: About the novel

This novel is a fresco depicting the interwar society.

Anton, the son of a rich boyar family from the South of Romania, spends his last teenage summer holiday at his parents' manor. Here, in the village, he meets Katrina and falls madly in love with her.

The two teenagers' true love faces all kinds of impediments but surpasses them.

Anton's parents, however, never approve of their son's choice and want to have him engage to Anca, rich daughter of the Prefect from Bucharest. The engagement with Anca takes place against Anton's wish. He's hurt and with his heart heavy says 'good bye' to Katrina at the Giurgiu train station.

Katrina gets sick and Doctor Radu is called to look after her. But he, too, falls in love with her and finally marries her. After accepting the cruel fate, Katrina moves to the capital with her new husband whom she doesn't love.

Three years later, Katrina who is a mother now, walks on the street with her baby-boy. It's Christmas Eve. She accidentally meets Anca, Anton's former fiancee who also has a little daughter with Anton. Old grudge is uncovered and Anca orders her father who has a lot of influence to find a way to persecute her long time enemy, Katrina.

In those troubled times, Legionnaires were after Jews arresting most of them. The Prefect learns that Katrina's husband is Jew and finds the opportunity to send the State security to arrest him, too. Radu is taken is by police and incarcerated. After being beaten nearly to death and tortured, he will later be saved by a lawyer, Ovidiu, and taken to the hospital where he dies on the Christmas night.

In that same night, Katrina and the love of her life are finally and eternally reunited...

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