ACTOR Title: The Space Drifter

Written by: Shaun Jooste

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Sci-Fi, Mystery, Adventure

Logline: A woman is found drifting naked in space, with no memory of who she is, how she has destructive abilities or why she is immortal. She sets out to find an imprisoned space drifter like her, only to be hunted by those terrified of who they may be.... and who they may become.

Synopsis: A woman is found drifting naked in space by a starship destroyer of the Galactic Council. They take her in, but discover that she has no memory of who she is, how she ended up drifting in space and why she seems to be immortal. While they perform scientific experiments and studies, she is placed under Phebus's care, who is told to secretly perform tests for latent dark matter within her.

As the experiments progress, Kaya realises that they are attempting to learn more than just who she is, and discovers that another Space Drifter, named Forest, had been found years before. Due to the destruction he caused while recovering his memory, the Galactic destroyer plans to detain her and possibly attempt to destroy her if that is the only means to uncover the secrets to obtaining her powers and immortality.

Realising that the only answer to her mystery would be to visit the imprisoned Space Drifter, she is forced to escape the ship when the destroyer's scientists discover that she does have dark matter inside of her. She also learns that Phebus had been involved when Forest was found, and was partially responsible for the initial destruction that ensued. Phebus therefore assists her escape, with an ally engineer named Godfrey, hoping to keep her powers and immortality away from the Galactic council.

As they escape the ship, another adversary appears. Jedan, the captain who had originally found Forest and assigned him to Phebus, has been studying black holes and dark matter in the hopes of gaining the same abilities, powers that he hopes to use to overthrow the Galactic council and rule the universe. Upon hearing through a spy upon the destroyer that another Space Drifter had been found, Jedan had sent henchmen, led by the feared mercenary Helsing Ripper, to obtain her for him, hoping she would unlock the mysteries of his research.

Through an unknown destructive force she unleashes as they are surrounded by these adversaries, she is released to escape with her allies. They go into temporary hiding in the crater of a secret asteroid base while they devise their next step, but all conclusions lead to the one solution Phebus fears the most: getting Kaya to Forest and taking the risk of the two immortal beings meeting in the hopes of recovering their memories. As they embark on their new quest, Phebus teaches Kaya how to unlock her memory in dreams in the same way that he taught Forest. As the lessons start to work, and she gets snatches of memories, Phebus teaches her the one lesson he never got to teach Forest: who she was and who she may be is not as important as deciding who she may become.

An ally of Forest, Monagan, meets them on their way to the Prison colony to inform them that, upon hearing of Kaya's escape, the Galactic Council has moved Forest to a more secure location. Kaya and Godfrey also find romantic interests, Woodard and Alison, while stopping at a dwarf planet for supplies. However, they are left behind when Kaya and the group continue on their quest.

When they reached the Galactic Council's prison for Forest, Monagan sneaks them in. Kaya meets Forest, indicating that he seems familiar. The plan fails when both of them acknowledge that they still don't remember anything. Against Phebus's better judgement, they agree to release Forest from the dark matter prison, and then Godfrey attempts to kill him. He reveals that his parents were involved in the discovery of Forest, and when Forest released his destructive powers, he had killed Godfrey's powers. Forest informs him that when he had left the research ship, his parents were still alive. Phebus reveals to Godfrey that his parents were Forest's allies, and that Helsing had been sent by Jedan to kill them.

As these revelations complete their unfolding, both the Galactic Council's guards and Helsing's army arrive and a battle between the three sides ensue. Helsing uses a brand new dark matter gun to stun Kaya, but Forest uncovers new abilities that repels the weapon and knocks Helsing back. Godfrey selflishly leaves the group to hunt a fleeing Helsing down with Helsing's own ship. Moragan shows her true loyalty when she kidnaps Phebus during the fray in order to win her allegiance to Jedan back. Kaya and Forest run in the shadows back to their ship. With neither of them able to pilot it, Kaya sends an SOS to Woodard.

Once Woodard and Alison arrive, they leave the planet on a mission to save Phebus. Kaya informs the new team that Jedan will use Phebus's expertise to unlock the black hole's potential and thereby grant him immortality. Kaya informs them that she and Forest will not be able to stop Jedan from his tyrannical rule should that happen. En route, while Forest and Kaya attempt to recall further memories, Godfrey finds them, indicating that Helsing's ship shows the location of Jedan's ship, where Helsing would be too. During the reunion, Godfrey apologises for his deceit and selfishness.

Jedan is preparing to test his black hole just as they arrive. Helsing attacks to hold them back, but Godfrey distracts him by challenging him on Jedan's ship. Woodard and Alison are captured as Forest and Kaya are paralysed by a dark matter force field. With the two immortal beings held in chains in Jedan's main viewing room, Jedan reveals his plan to become immortal and thereafter destroy them by any means possible, as he can be the only one to rule with such power. Phebus attempts to deceive Jedan, and gets shot in the process.

Jedan sets off on his final mission, just as Godfrey appears to set Kaya free. She uses her new powers to fly off after Jedan, just as Godfrey sets Forest free. Both their memories start returning to them the closer Jedan gets to the black hole and suddenly Forest realises that he needs to stop Kaya at all costs... for if she stops Jedan from entering the black hole, then he would no longer exist.....

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