ACTOR Title: The Stafford Multiplex Theater

Written by: William Smith

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Horror, Adventure

Logline: On his last night at the job, a movie theater employee and his co-workers defend their tacky, outdated establishment during the onset of the zombie apocalypse.

Synopsis: The Stafford Multiplex Theater. An outdated eight-screen multiplex with tacky carpet. Lifeless. Staggering along. Waiting to be put down.

It's a normal, stormy Saturday night for the employees at the theater that time forgot. That is, until a vicious virus begins spreading all over the world at an alarming rate. The virus is killing thousands - millions - of people and reanimating their bodies as flesh-craving zombies, including some of the Stafford's twenty-two patrons.

With no response from emergency services and the outside world descending into utter chaos, the minimum wage employees set out to clear each of their eight auditoriums - one by one - of zombies, save the remaining moviegoers and survive what they believe to be one of the worst "B" horror movies of all time.

Will The Stafford Multiplex Theater live to see another day?

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