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  MOVIE POSTER THE TROUBLE I GOT, Western/History - 10min - Canada

Directed by Callen Diederichs


A gunslinger's performance anxiety turns out to be the least of his worries when an old enemy returns with a sadistic plot for vengeance. Set in late 19th century Saskatchewan, the film uses Western genre tropes to take a satirical look at the fabricated nature of identity, especially in relation to notions of masculinity.

Read review from Film Threat Magazine CLICK HERE

Writer: Callen Diederichs

FORMS:Narrative Fiction, Short

GENRES: Alternative, Religious, Underground, Western, Cult, Deconstruction, Independent, Post Modern, Period/Historical, Adventure

NICHES: Native/Aboriginal People

short films

short films

short films

short films

Long Synopsis

Gunslinger George O'Donoghue, experiencing a loss of confidence in his skills of intimidation, practices his moves in a mirror. His partner in adventure, Jean Delacroix, tries to console his wounded ego. Running out of alcohol, they head to the local saloon. An aggressive patron, Ulysses, is unimpressed with O'Donoghue's attempts at getting rid of him, but is easily put in his place by Delacroix. Ulysses' attempt to ambush the drunken duo on their way home is foiled by an old nemesis of the gunslingers, John Stafford. Now a priest and claiming a desire for reconciliation, he invites them into his church for a meal. While listening to him speak of the journey that has led him to his current occupation, O'Donoghue and Delacroix succumb to the drug he has put in their tea. They wake up to find themselves bound and gagged, with a near-psychotic Stafford approaching them with an ax. Minerva, a local woman, comes to their unexpected aid. O'Donoghue's attempts at courtship prove as successful as his efforts at intimidation.

Callen Diederichs as George O'Donoghue

Troy Hudson as John Stafford

Charles Lemire as Jean Delacroix

Chris Smith as Ulysses

Jennifer Sparrowhawk as Minerva

Produced by
Callen Diederichs

Cinematography by
Devin McAdam

Film Editing by
Devin McAdam

Sound Department
Reilly Forbes - sound editor / sound mixer

Visual Effects by
Chris Fischer - digital effects

Other crew
Marcel Petit - production assistant

toronto film festival