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Written by: Robert Cole

Genre: Superhero action-adventure fantasy.

Type: Feature Screenplay (or 3-part Mini-Series)

Logline: As the glaciers melt, a superhero is born

Pitch: "The Valkyrie Saga," reinvents Nordic mythology. Beautiful, kick-ass Valkyrie superhero Mist reawakens in the modern world. Iconic mythologist Joseph Campbell stated that mythology is ever changing by the craft of the storytellers.

Mist is a new age Valkyrie. She is the most beautiful, intelligent, and audacious of all Valkyrie demi-goddesses. She is also her omnipotent God-father, Odin's, favorite. Mist, however, defies the god of war and death and the Valkyries tradition bound service to him as a deliverer of dead heroes to Valhalla. She boycotts the "Heroes Feast."

This is only the latest in a series of willful transgressions and sends Odin into a volcanic parental outrage. He summons Mist to the table, reprimanding her. "Child, was there no war, no conflict, no killing ground important enough for you to gather heroes to our august banquet? Can't you do as you're told for once? Just obey me and nature falls into place . . . in perfect balance. Look at your sisters, they're perfectly happy following my orders."

Mist is an evolved being with sass who makes her own decisions. "You glorify war and death. I prefer to walk among the living. I will give aid to whomever I choose." Advocating insurrection, Mist entreats her siblings, "you, my sisters, it is time you think about what you're doing or you doom mankind to the endless horrors of war and violence."

Lovestruck Brunhilde, you may remember was a legendary Valkyrie who crossed Odin and was banished to permanent, deep sleep in a castle surrounded by a wall of fire until Sigurd awakened her with a kiss, saving her. That love story was immortalized in the Wagnerian opera, "Die Valkure".

In this updated Valkyrie, Mist takes Odin to the edge. This time he's had it with her juvenile insubordination and in a moment of deja vu, flies into a self righteous rage, "Never again, beloved daughter" and with a furious wave of his broadsword commits Mist to an eternal, deep freeze in the depths of glacial ice on earth's dimension.

Due to global warming, Mist's icy cocoon becomes exposed to the life-affirming sun that slowly liberates her. Eric Larsen, a modern day hero from her past, falls into the crevasse while fleeing villains. Like a chrysalis evolving into a beautiful new form, Mist is released just in time to save him from certain death and create her new destiny as a defender of the living

Mist and Eric take down a” Bondian villain”, industrialist Axel Koenig, who pretends to champion green causes, as he schemes to pillage the Arctic of its riches.