ACTOR Title: The Will

Written by: Ariel Alexander

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Mystery, Suspense

Logline: A young woman faces grate lost and unimaginable tragedy but is determine to get off the island.

The sun was gone and the night songs began the strong winds blowing against the house made it squeak the old avocado there looks scary in the dark wiping against the creaking house, I held on to my knees and rocking from side to side to keep the bugs off, I was scared out of my mind in my own home I heard sounds I never heard before, staring into the darkness looking for something familiar seem impossible, the brushing of the overgrown grass kept me on high alert. There was no place in my mind that I can escape to no hammock on a isolated beach tied between two coconuts trees, my reality was fresh in my mind and it burn through my sanity, I tasted a tear drop on my tongue and use it to sued my dry throat I wish I can close my eyes for more than a second but am to scared.

The shouting of my name made me think I was getting delusional maybe from a lack of water, I continued to rocking back and forth tucking my head between my knees, the sound of my name was more desperate and a lot closer I can hear the parting of the grass and the cracking of the branches I shout back and my voice somehow had lost its base, I scramble to my feet feeling the pain in my back keeping me bent over as I made my way towards the voice oh my god he said before grabbing hold of me, The first time I meet Ewhat he was someone my mom paid for information, tonight Ewhat was my hero, I held on to him with all the strength I had left in me and I cried.

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